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      Address: West 201,No.22 XiangYue Road, Xiang an TorchHiTech Industrial Park I, Xiamen,FuJian,China

      Tel: +86-592-7880300 / 7880310


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      Indoor Crystal LED Light Box Series
      Item NO.:   LZ-CSB-6     Class: Indoor Crystal LED Light Box Series


      Round Corner-Acrylic Magnetic Crystal

      1.Magnetic opening. 

      2.Popular for window display.

      3.Single sided & double sided.

      4.LED optical-panel used for a great even illumination .

      5.Clear frame, as fine as crystal, smooth, even, with a brilliant, natural light spread.

      6.Adapter with certifications of GS, UL,SA, CE, PES,SAA.

      7.2 year warranty

      Item NO.:   LZ-CSB-9     Class: Indoor Crystal LED Light Box Series


      1.  LED slim ceiling display, advertising window ceiling light box
      2. 1.Using high quality acrylic as the plexigalss light box frame material,applying the advanced diamond polishing technology on the frame surface    dealing
      3. 2.One side or two sides are ok,The ceiling mounted led light box can be hung by connecting pole or steel wire ropes
      4. 3.Easy install and change picture, It can be placed on desk or hanged on the wall
      5. 4.Shape: round, square, irregular design shape; Various sizes are available
      6. 5.Size: A0, A1, A2 A3, A4, other sizes; 
      7. 6.Easy to change graphics , only need to open the advertising screws; 
      8. 7.Applying LED Guide light technology, high brightness can reach 2000lux
      9. 8.Technics: silk-screen print or engraving on the LGP or engraving the individual design on the faceplate; 
      10. 9.High quality LED as the power source, can save 80% energy compared to traditional light source.
      11. 10.Long lifespan more than 50,000 hours
      12. 11.Adopt the high quality material,acrylic material is imported from Germany,the good brand Evonik.

      Item NO.:   LZ-CSB-7     Class: Indoor Crystal LED Light Box Series


      Ultra slim crystal advertising poster lamp box

      1. Easy to install our light box and easy to change pictures.

      2. Lifespan is above 80,000hours.

      3. Certificate:CE and RoHS

      4. Acrylic sheets have high heat-resisting quantity.

      5. Installation way:hanging on the ceiling

      6. LGP has good atmospheric corrosion resistance.


      7. Suit for any concourse,and it is the ideal decoration material for different places.

      Item NO.:   LZ-CSB-11     Class: Indoor Crystal LED Light Box Series


      Frameless menu board with LED message

      1.Thickness: Super Slim

      2.Material: Acrylic(crystal, Eco-friendly)

      3.Size: Customized

      4.Built-in frame color: Customized(whatever you want)

      5.Energy Saving: More than 70%

      6.Adapter: 12V AC(low power consumption with CE, UL, RoHS certificates)



      Item NO.:   LZ-CSB-3     Class: Indoor Crystal LED Light Box Series


      Magnetic acrylic led light box 

      Popular for window display or wall display, real estate agent, chain stores, etc.

      Double sided or single sided for ceiling hanging
      Magnetic open(  magnetic attachment  ), easy to change poster by sliding the picture
      super slim only 8-10mm thick
      LED edge lit, super bright with light well-distributed
      Clear frame, as fine as crystal, smooth, even, with a brilliant, natural light spread.Easy to change and install graphic
      Adapter with certifications of GS, UL,SA, CE, PES,SAA.
      2 year warranty

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      Xiamen Luz Opto-Electronic Technologies Co.,LTD. Address: West 201,No.22 XiangYue Road, Xiang'an Industrial Park I, Xiamen,FuJian,China

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