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      Address: West 201,No.22 XiangYue Road, Xiang an TorchHiTech Industrial Park I, Xiamen,FuJian,China

      Tel: +86-592-7880300 / 7880310


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      Indoor Aluminium LED Light Box Series
      AL2840 Indoor Aluminum LED Light Box
      Item NO.:        Class: Indoor Aluminium LED Light Box Series


      1.It is snap open frame design,width of frame 40mm,the thickness of frame is 28mm;

      2.It is often to be used for large size,generally for more than A0 size;

      3.Unique Silknet Printing LGP;

      4.Material: aluminium alloy profile, acrylic sheet for light guide panel, pvc bottom panel;

      5.Light Source: Super bright SMD 2835 ,Epistar led chip.

      6.supply AC/DC adaptor, with the plug suit to different countries, input: 100 to 240V AC 50/60hz, working on 12VDC.

      7. Life Span of LED: above 50,000 hours.

      8.2 years warranty

      AL1820 NEW LED Light Box Frame
      Item NO.:        Class: Indoor Aluminium LED Light Box Series


      1,size:the thickness of frame 18mm,With of frame 25mm,
      2,Matetrial:Aluminum frame+acrylic LGP+led light source
      3.light source:newest technology LED,single sided poster
      4.Power Consumption:AC 110-240V,DC 12V
      5,lifetime:about 80,000hours
      6,warranty:1-2 years
      7,approved by CE,ROHS,UL
      8, wall mounted
      9,Application:chain store,shopping mall,Airport,Bus station,Subway,bank, home decoration ,only for indoor use
      Pretty Slim led menu board snap frame battery powered LED picture frame light box

      AL1720 LED Light Box
      Item NO.:        Class: Indoor Aluminium LED Light Box Series


      1.AL1720:Width of frame 20mm,thisckness of frame 17mm;

      2.AL1720 is popular for small size light box,often less than A2 size light box

      3. Material: Aluminum + Acrylic sheet

      4. Image media: silk screen printing light 

      5.Easy to change graphic and ceiling hung design

      6.Conducting panel in good quality, bright symmetrical

      7.Energy saving can reach above 80% than the traditional lightbox

      8.The lightbox Frame, Size and Shape can change as client's requirement

      9.OEM and ODM offered

      Advantage of LUZ-OPTO LED Lightbox

      1. Adopt high purity optical acrylic sheet and high-tech laser guidence moulding technology and good luminance.

      2. Light is even and soft.

      3. Transparent Frame, Aluminum or crystal delicate  

      4.  Easy graphic and maintenance access 

      5. Our lightbox can highlight your advertisement and make your advertisement outstanding

      AL2330 Round corner Frame led light box
      Item NO.:        Class: Indoor Aluminium LED Light Box Series


      1.Use nice special metal round corners, no matter how many times to open, products will show no light leaks
      2.Four sides open type, easy to change graphics
      3.The light source is LED, which is energy saving and has longer lifespan
      4.The working power is 12V, more safe in application .
      5.Laser engraved LGP with even brightness for the Light box
      6.Aluminous alloy oxidation treated, which is elegant  in appearance
      7.Hang on the wall or hang from the ceiling etc
      8.Cost Saving: Save more than 90% in power consumption as compared with conventional fluorescent lamps. Low maintenance, long lasting, virtually maintenance free for approximately 80, 000 hrs
      9.Durability: Super bright LEDs has a minimum life span of more than 80, 000 hrs
      10.Slim & Stylish: Slim & compact design ranging from as slim as. 75 inch thickness - accommodate for space constraints
      11.User Friendly: Easy installation and changing
      12.Safe: Lower heat generation & No fire hazards

      AL2230 LED Light Box
      Item NO.:        Class: Indoor Aluminium LED Light Box Series


      1.AL2230:Width of frame 30mm,thickness of frame 22mm--It is double sides frame

      2.Super light and slim advertisement light box

      3.High quality optics organic glass(Acrylic/PMMA)

      4.Easy to change the inside advertising poster

      5.Environmentally friendly and power save

      6.High brightness,light is soft and mild

      7.Various kinds of light guide panel for you to choose,Engraving,Printing and Nano-LGP

      8.All the power adapter approved by CE,UL.

      9.Long life span of led lights:Above more than 50,000hours10.Led Lights model:SMD 5050,super bright

      10.Size:The size is flexible,depend on the customer’s request

      11.Safety:Low electric current output

      12.No MOQ limit.Welcome sample.

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      Xiamen Luz Opto-Electronic Technologies Co.,LTD. Address: West 201,No.22 XiangYue Road, Xiang'an Industrial Park I, Xiamen,FuJian,China

      Tel:+86-592-7880300 / 7880310 Fax:+86-592-7880301 Email:luz@luzopto.com

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