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      Address: West 201,No.22 XiangYue Road, Xiang an TorchHiTech Industrial Park I, Xiamen,FuJian,China

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      Indoor Crystal LED Light Box Series
      Clear acrylic tabletop sign-LZ-CSA-2

      Item NO.: Clear acrylic tabletop sign-LZ-CSA-2    Class: Indoor Crystal LED Light Box Series


      Product Description:

      Europe Popular Silk Screen Printing Crystal Tabletop Light Box

      1) 8mm clear acrylic frame seems like crystal, plexiglass led light box.

      2) Super LED as light source .

      3) Easy to catch customers eyes.

      4) materials: Acrylic plate, high quality optical light guide panel, Light Life Span  above 80000hours.

      5)Type of tube: LED.

      6)Power supply: safe power supply 12V.

      7)Frame size: custom A1, A2, A3, A4; other size can be made. 

      8)Thickness: 8mm, single side.

      9)Ballast: electronic ballast (in line with CE, UL certification).

      10)Centre evenness: 5000-7000Lux ( A4 ) in the best condition . 

      11)Even luminescence: well-distributed light make the frame crystal clear.

      12)Environmental standards: in line with EU ROHS (SGS) certification.

      13)Installation and maintain: just 1-3 minutes for repair the electric equipment or changing the image.



      Item NO. Frame size (mm) Visible size (mm)
      A4 (210*297) 292*379 202*289
      A3(297*420) 379*502 289*412
      A2 (420*594) 502*676 412*586
      A1 (594*841) 676*923 586*833
      Series LZ-CSA-2
      Light source SMD 2835 LED
      Regular color transparent(or any colors)
      Graphic Rectangle or customized 
      Size Customized size
      For Artwork  silkscreen printing, engrave
      Output voltage AC100-240V
      Input voltage DC12V, 24V
      Life span Over 80000 hours
      Installation Desking

      Xiamen Luz Opto-Electronic Technologies Co.,LTD. Address: West 201,No.22 XiangYue Road, Xiang'an Industrial Park I, Xiamen,FuJian,China

      Tel:+86-592-7880300 / 7880310 Fax:+86-592-7880301 Email:luz@luzopto.com

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